skin care

Skin care is our passion. We believe in gentle skincare, supporting a regimen that promotes the skin’s own healing powers and moisture-retaining abilities. We never use harsh stripping ingredients such as sulfates, and our base oils will not break out even troublesome skin.

Swanson’s Facial Oil – A base of rare kukui nut oil, steeped for hours over the stove with whole, organic lavender flowers, chamomile flowers, and calendula flowers and petals. The oil is then placed in direct sunlight to further infuse. 100 IUs of food-grade vitamin E make this an oil that will clear the skin, retain moisture, slow aging, and create a glow from within. Highly concentrated so only a small amount is needed.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: At night, after using a gentle cleanser, apply a small amount to the face, concentrating around the eyes and other areas prone to aging. May also be used as your main facial cleanser in an oil cleansing method.

INGREDIENTS: Kukui nut oil, lavender flowers whole*, chamomile flowers whole*, calendula flowers and petals*, vitamin E oil.

*certified organic

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Swanson’s Clearing Cream – We understand that troublesome skin needs extra nourishing. Our Clearing Cream promotes rapid healing, evens skin tone, and creates a buttery-soft moisturizing effect. Results should be noticed after the first use. This cream is 20% vitamin E. Our recipe includes oils that provide essential fatty acids, alpha hydroxy acid, and gorgeous lavender flower powder. Whipped to a fluffy, beautiful finish. (Packaged in a glass jar with a blue tint to protect product from oxidization.)

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: At night, after using a gentle cleanser, apply to face. May also be used under makeup, or whenever extra moisturizing is needed.

INGREDIENTS: Soybean oil,  palm oil, lavender flower powder, vitamin E oil, citric acid (alpha hydroxy acid)

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